R. Varito Vasquez - AIFD FSMD
Floral Director - Designer

Varito is one of the world’s most highly coveted and distinguished floral and creative talents in the event industry. His artistic passion and expert knowledge of global design trends are the key to his success and world-renowned creations. 

His acclaimed designs have been featured in Florist Review Magazine. He has been awarded FSFA Designer of the Year and placed first in the Annual Ian Prosser Bridal Bouquet Competition. His creativity and jaw-dropping designs earned him inclusion in the Barcelona World Flower Cup Competition. He has been invited to be an honorary presenter for stage programs, virtual seminars and symposiums, many with global audiences. 

Varito’s floral designs are highly sought after and relished by a long list of discerning clients spanning a variety of celebrations, galas, virtual, and corporate events.

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